Thursday, August 21, 2008


Tomorrow.. i promised myself,
tomorrow I will be fine,
because today isn't my day,
yesterday left me stranded to lick my wounds,
wounds from lost battles I fought to win,
fighting losing battles is my forte.
I wore my armour before I marched forth for that skirmish,
the skirmish I had replayed over and over again in my head.
My armour covered me but my poor heart was left open, unprotected.
Tomorrow.. I promised myself,
tomorrow I will replace my shattered heart.

© 2008 Jyothi Samarthi

Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Impatient Unemployed

Don't make me wait
Have you no mercy?
You are eating into my life
Have you no consideration?
Who gives you rights?
Don't make me count the minutes
I will surely miss a beat
Don't make me seeth in anger
Don't make me grind my teeth
I hate sitting on the edge of my seat
Waiting for my name to be called
I hate biting my lips in anticipation
I hate to be in this state of appall
I'm my time's master
And I will spare none for you
Why make me wait
When you have nothing to do?
So I'm leaving now
I'll never come back again
You can sit and wait for me forever
Then you will understand my pain....hmmph!

So saying, off she went!! impatient and yet still unemployed!!

© 2008 Jyothi Samarthi

Saturday, January 26, 2008


{for the healthy, wealthy and wise, for longevity, for illness-free lives}

How now to hold my horses?
Sweaty brows, my thumbs are twiddling
I'm in a fix, how now to ignore the forces
which are mercilessly driving me to commit a diddling

Oh bother! A nervous wreck I may become
if I don't control that incessant urge
Petrified I step back heaving my heavy bosom
With a heavy hand I clutch my heart and feel a surge

The all too familiar aroma slashed the air
rose up and swiveled towards where I stood
beckoned me with it's invisible pair
of arms that encircled me forming a hood

My heart lurched, fear gripped my soul
Will I break the promise? Will I fail?
Will this manifestation of gluttony arrest me from reaching my goal?
Will I be imprisoned once again in that self-loathing jail?

The oodles of flesh on my body quivered
reminding me of the shame, disgust and alarm
I felt at the reflection on my mirror staring back and I shivered
Still fighting the menacing whiff from doing me harm

I closed my eyes and shut it all out
The platter, the odor, the rich sight of food
"I don't need you... leave me alone!!" I shout
I'm fat and unhealthy and it is just not good!

You dare to mock me, you dare to beckon
You dare to set upon me the forces
You think I cannot do this I reckon
I dare say I can, I will abstain I will hold my horses!

Jyothi Samarthi
Copyright © 2008

Wednesday, January 16, 2008



What do I know of misery,
of loneliness, hunger pangs,
of fights for survival or unhealed wounds?
Do those blood-sucking mites know of my existence?
Perhaps not, cause they feed on parched bodies in yonderland.
Lands I have never been a witness of, I have been protected,
by hands which picked me up when I knew not of my existence.
My destiny was shaped. I was fed and well-taken care of.
Back-rubs and playmates, never-ending tales of family times
Laughter and mirth are my cues to roll over or give them my best beady-eyed stare
to ooze cuteness, to bring forth the child in them.
Sometimes I sit by this windowsill , wondering about those doggoned mutts,
of their existence in yonderland, of their pain, thirst, hunger and loveless life.
I thank my serendipity, I am grateful for those hands that picked me up
for the gentle touch, the scratch behind my ears, the loving eyes, the familiar voices,
make me forget the doleful eyes that peered at me, through the rusted iron gate,
the gate behind which lies a secret, a land I have been forbidden, protected from..
Yonderland, the land of the doggone mutts.....

Jyothi Samarthi
Copyright © 2008
All rights reserved.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Breaking Free

Better late than never. It's about time the shackles were broken. It's time to test the waters. One fleeting glance back tugged at my heart strings. Doleful eyes brimming with tears nearly stopped me in my tracks. But a covetous strategy egged me on.. the chains were broken, freedom set forth on a unstoppable journey.. the journey with no destination or maybe some.. the truth lies in the dark, uncovered only to emerge to shine light when the time's right.

Heard the song again, the one that set my heart beating a miraculous million beats per second, this time around, there were no palpitations, no nervousness, no fluttering, no melancholic pangs. Something has been set free, I continue on my journey... to uncover the light

Saturday, July 28, 2007


One minute you are here, another you are there. Free-falling through the twisted colons of sinister life, although the fall is not free. Bumpy ride gets you somewhere, don't know where?!? That's how sinister life is. Keeps you guessing. Keeps you on your toes. Makes your heart run a marathon, leaving you breathless. You are in a dark room with just one door. Light on the other side, shadows underneath. Makes the hair on your nape stand up straight. Standing on the edge of a mountain, feeling the gush of the wind through your hair, whispering softly in your jump. You look down, your insides turn mushy, your feet get sweaty. Life tempts you, cajoles, begs, pushes. But you take a step back, turn and walk away. You are afraid. There is no bed of roses waiting for you at the bottom. Devil befriends you disguised like an angel. You look into his eyes and see the fire, but you don't see the masquerade, the faint peel of the mask. You chose to ignore, because you are a gullible child. You wait till his hot poker sticks out your chest, you gasp in pain but still smile. You think it was all a mistake. You live through it, but the hole remains as a sore remainder of your naiive trust. When will you learn? You pluck a green leaf off of a tree and turn it over. You see the beautiful green veins and understand the true meaning of life. Turn over a new leaf everyday and you learn that fear and anger can no longer touch you. Just be happy or in love.....

Friday, July 20, 2007

All you need to know about the Aries Enticer

One beautiful Thursday evening, 19th April 1979 to be precise, a 9 pound fat babygirl kicked her way out her mother's stomach. This [ram]bunctious little chica born under the sun sign Aries is the epitome of girlpower! She was always fighting,.... for that extra idli, her nephew's broken toy, her cousin sister's stiletto shoes, 2 rupees to buy Sundal from a roadside vendor, for more attention. She just can't have enough..more...more...MORE..she yells! Father always wondered, "What is she going to be when she grows up? WWF Chyna?

When Linda Goodman started writing her bestseller on Sun Signs she must have had Jo in mind, because she described her Arian traits to the T. Here's what she had to say to her:

"Jo, When Byron wrote that 'Man's love is of Man's life a thing apart;'tis woman's whole existence', obviously the poor man forgot about you. You can live without a man, can't you? Love maybe your whole existence but not the beginning and end of your life. But ofcourse darling, getting along without a man is not the same as getting along without romance. You always need the hero of your dreams to yearn for you in his heart. I know, no matter where he is, near or faraway, you'll think about him in an April rain. You detest lovestruck puppies and worshiping slaves. You need a man who will keep you guessing, who will resist your impact. You will chase such a man into a corner and leave no stones unturned in finding out why your charm isn't overwhelming him. It's your Mars ego dearie, to prove you are desirable, even when you have no lasting interest in him. Like the Great Scarlett O'Hara, you will gather every available male for a hundred miles around your feet, while your willful heart yearns for that one man you can't have for one reason or the other.
Blimey! you love flattery woman! Not the flowery, sugary kind but one with a honest base. But honey, the prince you are looking for only exists in fairy tales. Isn't that why your days are bright and full of excitement and your nights are sometimes dark and full of longing? Yet, when your defeated dreams become smoldering ashes - just as you think the flame is dying, you leap up to build another fire! Your love, like your speech and action is direct. That's why you baffle men with your sudden proclamations and direct proposals. Taking the first step in everything comes so easy for you. And that is why jumping the gun always leads you into trouble. I know you'll demand a lot but will give back in double measure. But your stinginess in love is alarmingly dangerous when it comes to what is yours. I know how possessive you can get! What is yours is yours and very little can set off a jealous explosion! When your Aries heart is hurt, you turn from fire to ice. Your ice can be eternal. Injuring your pride and dampening your enthusiasm will break your heart and people are constantly doing that to you. But keep this in mind girl, you do not, I repeat YOU DO NOT run this Universe. And one day when you discover that, people will see you for who you are, defense-less and vulnerable in the extreme, for all your outer confidence. Your Aries idealism and optimistic faith in human nature is often dashed to bits by reality. You will waste little time on changing any situation that brings unhappiness by casanovas who stop paying attention, nip them in the bud. I know how unreasonably temperamental you are and how you like to create violent scenes! Men beware! She bruises easily inspite of her bright brave smile (that's her shield against hurt). So if you can turn the Ram into a Lamb, you'll have a woman who is honest, passionate, loyal and exciting - though she maybe a little impulsive, bossy and independent. Well you can't have everything you know. If you believe in her just half as much as she believes in you, you could make some miracles together."

"But aren't you going to run and help her?" Alice asked...

"No use, no use" said the King.
"She runs so fearfully quick,

you might as well try to catch a bandersnatch"


Source: Linda Goodman's SunSigns